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Looking for professional branding and marketing tools for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

Gimmio will provide you with all the tools you need to build a successful brand and promote your company.

We are currently in the final stages of developing Gimmio and hope to release it by the end of May 2018. Meanwhile, you can check out our blog to read about our updates.

Here are the tools that Gimmio will provide.

Email Signature Generator

The first tool we will develop using our platform is a professional email signature generator that will allow you to make very customizable email signatures.

During our initial examinations of the current email signature generators that are available on the market, we were quite surprised that none of them provided an interface where you could completely customize your email signature, and that was a problem. The majority of them offer some base templates which is great, but what if you don’t want those base templates, and you want something completely different?

This is where Gimmio will help. When using Gimmio, you will be able to customize your email signature completely, and we mean that!


  1. Free for Basic Use – That’s right, Gimmio’s email signature generator will be 100% free for basic use (which we will cover later), and will cost a small amount if you want to create multiple email signatures or use some of the advanced features.
  2. Easy to Use – We have developed our email signature creator with ease of use in mind. Creating an email signature will be as easy as clicking a single button and entering your information.
  3. Plenty of Templates – We will have plenty of email signature templates that anyone can use. We will also allow anyone to share their templates publicly. This means if someone makes an awesome email signature template, they can share it with the world to use.
  4. Duplication, Grouping, Image Adjustment – You will be able to duplicate email signatures and place them into different groups so you can sort them by department, company, team etc.
  5. Incredibly Fast – We’ve taken into consideration the speed when using Gimmio’s email signature maker, as we know that speed is one of the most important aspects of how people perceive an app.
  6. Cross-compatibility – Our email signatures will be cross-compatible with other app’s, such as the business card maker.

Business Card Maker

A business card generator is the second tool we will develop once the email signature creator is fully functioning. There are plenty of business card makers out there, but none that are fully cross-compatible with email signatures.

When you create an email signature, you will have the option to create a business card design based on the email signature that you have created. When you create business cards, it is often an isolated task which can mean your branding might look different across multiple items. For example, your email signature may have slightly different coloring or font from your business cards. This can make your company appear to be unprofessional.

Using Gimmio, your branded items will all be styled the same. It’s much easier to create one branding template and use it across multiple items.


  1. Easy to Create Business Cards – Once you have created your email signature, you can create business cards with the click of a button. It’s literally that easy!
  2. Import Your Logo – Design and then import your logo. With plenty of alignment options, creating your company style will be a breeze.
  3. Cheap Options – We will have cheap options available, which are perfect for startup businesses on a shoestring budget.
  4. Choose from Plenty of Templates – Use the templates that other people have created and shared with everyone. This way, you will have proven and tested business cards that you know will work.
  5. Worldwide Delivery – We will have quick worldwide delivery of business cards. Re-ordering the same business cards can be done with the click of a button.

Online Form Creator

Want to create a survey or a simple online form people can fill out? Gimmio will make it possible. You will be able to create and host a form easily using Gimmio. With expected implementation by the end of 2018, we are sure you will love our form creator.


  1. Simplistic Design – No need for fancy fonts and titles if you don’t want them. Although, if you do want them, they will be available.
  2. Cross-compatibility – If you have already created an email signature or business card, creating and styling the form will be much easier, as they will all be cross-compatible with each other.
  3. Fast Hosting of Forms – The forms will be hosted on Gimmio, meaning they will be lightning quick to load. You won’t need to have your own website to use the form.
  4. Analytics – You will be able to see how many people completed the form, who completed it, when it was completed, as well as other analytics and data matching services.